Start a Career in Engineering with MAKEuk

Mar 4, 2021 | Apprenticeships

Start a Career in Engineering
Hear from Rio and his mum as they explain why an apprenticeship is a great path to get your career started. Credit: Makeuk

Hear about Rio’s experience starting his apprenticeship in the video above. Rio is also joined by his Mum who shares her thoughts on how the apprenticeship has benefited her son in multiple ways. Taking the step into apprenticeships can be daunting, finding out about apprenticeships from an apprentice can answer some questions you may have.

If you’re interested in Engineering MAKEuk have a range of current vacancies across the sector.

Current Vacancies

World Engineering Day recognises the important work that engineers need to do, in addressing #climatechange and developing technologies for a carbon free economy. It is engineering #innovations that will achieve this goal. Engineers will ensure cities are #cleaner, more #sustainable, #smarter and #liveable. And importantly, engineers will ensure that everyone has clean accessible water, sanitation systems and affordable and reliable energy.

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Success of apprentice event

Success of apprentice event

The Apprenticeship Branding Conference at Millennium Point, Birmingham, was a success by drawing in more than 280 to attend from diverse sectors eager to explore the future of apprenticeships. 

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