High marks from Ofsted for Ladder partner

Performance Through People chief executive Rob Colbourne
Ofsted visited PTP Training in February 2023 for a four-day inspection, reviewing apprenticeship provision across the business.

Dental nursing, early years care, adult care, business and professional, welding and retail were inspected in depth.

PTP – one of the Ladder for Birmingham founder partners – achieved a ‘good’ grade in three of the four key judgement areas, and an ‘outstanding’ grade in the fourth area: behaviour and attitudes.

Inspectors found that leaders had identified and developed an appropriate curriculum that responded to the local and regional skills shortages and tutors sequenced on and off-the-job learning effectively which results in apprentices rapidly developing the knowledge and skills required for the workplace.

Apprenticeship range

Noting the outstanding behaviours of learners, inspectors commented: “Apprentices’ attitudes to learning and employment are excellent. They have an especially positive relationship with tutors, are proud of their achievements and motivated to learn. As a result, many apprentices are successful in their apprenticeships.”

PTP Training’s chief executive Rob Colbourne said: “I am extremely proud of the outcome of the inspection, as it confirms the excellent job our staff do, and the exceptional experience many of our apprentices receive.

“The lead inspectors feedback spoke of PTP being a provider of great integrity and who are committed to doing the right thing for the employers and individuals we work with.”

At the time of the inspection, PTP had 757 apprentices enrolled on a wide range of apprenticeship standards from levels 2 to 7, as well as learners on programmes funded through the adult education budget.

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