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Kevin Davis, chairman of the Ladder Apprenticeship Foundation and lead for the Ladder for Greater Birmingham writes: Thank you for visiting the Ladder website. We hope you will help play your part to help more young people, employers and training providers to benefit from increase skills and careers opportunities in the UK’s second city.

The solutions to youth unemployment are of course complex, but as the Ladder, we believe it requires a collaborative joined up, systems-based approach to improving skills and enrichment opportunities for all, particularly for the young and disadvantaged communities, incentivising and equipping employers to hire and retain them. It’s about raising awareness, getting the data, so that all can make an informed decision about what to do next.

Working to upskill the region

Championing the apprenticeship brand

Working to upskill the region

Building success

The Ladder for Greater Birmingham has a clear message: Apprenticeships offer a valuable path for employment and skills enhancement. We relay this message in everything we do, liaising with local and national partners to showcase the opportunities for apprenticeships in the Greater Birmingham area.

We are fortunate to work with leading employers and multi-organisation groups to ensure apprenticeships stay front of mind. Having launched in 2018 to generate 1,000 new apprenticeships, we have long past this target to build further success.

Be part of our story

If you are looking at apprenticeships for your first or next step in employment, the Ladder can help you. Training providers wanting to connect with employers and candidates can also join us, while Greater Birmingham companies now have an opportunity to step up and give local people the opportunity to prosper in their organisations.

Get in touch

We have made getting in contact as easy as taking that first step on the ladder. Do you have questions about The Ladder for Greater Birmingham? Do you want to find out more about apprenticeships? Please contact us to be part of our ongoing success.

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